Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dead Infection: Dead Single Collection

Polish grindcore freaks DEAD INFECTION released their new release, entitled Dead Single Collection. In essence, there are reissue group releases, recorded from 94 to 98 years and is issued in the split with the CSSO, MALIGNANT TUMOUR and BLOOD.

DEAD INFECTION recently released their new video "Burglary", on track with its the upcoming disc "Corpses of the universe". The disc is due in the format of MCD to Obliteration Records, Polnoformatnik should go to the Haunted Hotel Records.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


The group SMERSH was formed in 1998 in Stalingrad. In 2000 " About life "demo is written, this work was executed in the spirit of grind core of the first wave with aggressive social lyrics in Russian and English languages :. In 2003 "VAGINA OF CAPITALISM " is created.Later it was issured like a split on MORE HATE in autumn of 2004. During the autumn of the same year completion of " IN GUN WE TRUST " is completed, in comparison with the previous works this material is more rigid and uncompromising. SMERSH supports various displays of nonconformism and opposition to —Āapitalist system. All the instruments, used by group, are executed by musicians except for a technical part. We do not use paid resources and services of the commercial promoters, we do not work with big commercial labels, we do not count ourselves as a part of the musical market. All tracks created by this group, are accessible in MP3 format. The music of SMERSH is a reflection of process of an opposition with hated to us capitalist system, we support all our brothers in their war for freedom of their peoples with words and acts : The day will come and we'll change guitars for automatic guns and we'll play our best concert, it'll be an unforgettable show.